Love is a Weapon

When things like, well, everything that is going on right now happens, it is very easy to get angry. Hell, I already have several times in the last month. That was even before the Las Vegas massacre perpetrated by a domestic terrorist (because that's what it is and that's who did it, regardless of his … Continue reading Love is a Weapon


The Cartoon Parent Manifesto

I am a recovered drunk/addict who woke up from that lifestyle's self-imposed coma one day and realized I wasted an IQ of 155 on trying to forget a childhood and teenage life that I had no idea was not going to be permanent. I realize, in many ways, that the last time I was sober, … Continue reading The Cartoon Parent Manifesto

An Open Letter To Autism Parents From Someone Who Knows…

To the autism parents in the United States and abroad. To those well-researched and well-versed. To those unable to label the affliction or still not ready to come out from under the blanket to stare the puzzle-piece shaped bogeyman in the face. Or those who are still sitting by the phone for the call to be … Continue reading An Open Letter To Autism Parents From Someone Who Knows…