The Cartoon Parent Manifesto

I am a recovered drunk/addict who woke up from that lifestyle's self-imposed coma one day and realized I wasted an IQ of 155 on trying to forget a childhood and teenage life that I had no idea was not going to be permanent. I realize, in many ways, that the last time I was sober, … Continue reading The Cartoon Parent Manifesto


An Open Letter To Autism Parents From Someone Who Knows…

To the autism parents in the United States and abroad. To those well-researched and well-versed. To those¬†unable to label the affliction or still not ready to come out from under the blanket to stare the puzzle-piece shaped bogeyman in the face. Or those who are still sitting by the phone for the call to be … Continue reading An Open Letter To Autism Parents From Someone Who Knows…

The Ugly

There has been ugly¬†present in my life since January 1, 2015. My impending divorce. Two deaths. Two trips to the emergency room. Ends of friendships. Ends of family relationships. Heartache. Heartbreak. Watching people walk away without saying goodbye. Taking a break from school. Taking a break from my book. Wanting to do nothing but sleep. … Continue reading The Ugly