And We’re Off!!!!

There is a time of year where, if I am lucky, I will remember the very best moments only, and everything else is a giant red and green blur and then all of a sudden it is January 7th or 8th and my kid is ten inches taller and I am crying about her growing … Continue reading And We’re Off!!!!


Post-Addiction Angst

The anxiety I am experiencing when I forget to do a dish or follow-up on a reminder is unreal. I am surrounded by tiny slips of paper, a calendar, a chalk board, napkins, and a few pens. I am in the pre-pre-stages of what I picture could turn into one of those conspiracy characters in … Continue reading Post-Addiction Angst

Open Letter to Parents From a Socially Awkward Mom for September 2017

Hi. You don't know me. And if you do, you don't remember my name. But you do remember that I am a 30-year-old writer and my kid has high-functioning autism because I mentioned  those things first. At lightening speed. You have already seen a lot of her support team; two of her grandmothers so far (yes, … Continue reading Open Letter to Parents From a Socially Awkward Mom for September 2017


I poured boiling water on my hand last week while I was making French press coffee. My phone cracked into pieces and I watched the calls I had been waiting for flash across the shattered screen, unable to answer them. I found out a childhood friend passed away before I was able to finish my … Continue reading Laughter