And We’re Off!!!!

There is a time of year where, if I am lucky, I will remember the very best moments only, and everything else is a giant red and green blur and then all of a sudden it is January 7th or 8th and my kid is ten inches taller and I am crying about her growing … Continue reading And We’re Off!!!!


World Mental Health Day

In honor of World Mental Health Day, I want to share some things with you. Yes, it was yesterday, but every day really needs to become World Mental Health Day. Awareness of mental health should be as plain as being aware that someone has physically visible ailments. And, like physically visible ailments, it should be … Continue reading World Mental Health Day


I poured boiling water on my hand last week while I was making French press coffee. My phone cracked into pieces and I watched the calls I had been waiting for flash across the shattered screen, unable to answer them. I found out a childhood friend passed away before I was able to finish my … Continue reading Laughter