Second Poetry Book and Holiday Update!

Here is another briefish update from the news desk of Alyssa Ruggiero, overachiever and overwhelmed planner who thinks she totally has everything under control but SURPRISE! SHE DOESN'T! (I have kept up blogging!) I am making a final push back date for my second poetry book. Between the holidays taking over and starting a new … Continue reading Second Poetry Book and Holiday Update!


Updates for the New Year

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Let's get down to business. For starters, I will now be publishing my blog posts every Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday night until I start working again. In this way, I keep myself busy while Scar is in school and I am in a better place to get the writing … Continue reading Updates for the New Year


Scar is shining so brightly right now. She really is. We heard from the school last week about her being bumped up to a larger, higher-functioning class. She has progressed so much in a month that they have already started the paperwork. I am so grateful. And the call came in the midst of her big … Continue reading Divinity