Second Poetry Book and Holiday Update!

Here is another briefish update from the news desk of Alyssa Ruggiero, overachiever and overwhelmed planner who thinks she totally has everything under control but SURPRISE! SHE DOESN'T! (I have kept up blogging!) I am making a final push back date for my second poetry book. Between the holidays taking over and starting a new … Continue reading Second Poetry Book and Holiday Update!

Releasing PSAs and Shouting Stuff – A Memoir

This week I am starting a thing, apparently, releasing PSAs and shouting stuff. I feel like I am actually on a platform this particular go. I probably have many feet to build on before I am at center stage, but it is clear to me that I do not recognize the territory. So it must be … Continue reading Releasing PSAs and Shouting Stuff – A Memoir


Wow. That was November. It happened. And now it is gone. I worked on my second book, a semi-fictional memoir, for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every single day when I could. When it came time for blogging night each week, I became too wrapped up in my book, recounting tales from my life intertwined … Continue reading Alright