I poured boiling water on my hand last week while I was making French press coffee. My phone cracked into pieces and I watched the calls I had been waiting for flash across the shattered screen, unable to answer them. I found out a childhood friend passed away before I was able to finish my … Continue reading Laughter


I, Mother

It took me three years of trudging along in this blog, one of them being the biggest and scariest in my life, to really reach the point I had been trying to make about the individual mother and how important it is to nurture her. The saying goes along these lines: when the child is … Continue reading I, Mother

An Open Letter To Autism Parents From Someone Who Knows…

To the autism parents in the United States and abroad. To those well-researched and well-versed. To those unable to label the affliction or still not ready to come out from under the blanket to stare the puzzle-piece shaped bogeyman in the face. Or those who are still sitting by the phone for the call to be … Continue reading An Open Letter To Autism Parents From Someone Who Knows…