alyssa_aboutI have had a rather colorful and exciting career spanning several cities, several genres, and several steppingstones in my education. My experiences have left me here, at 29, so grateful for the opportunity to have them. I was concentrating heavily on my love for horror films, but found so many doorways that I just had to jump through. I have transcended creatively and consciously. And I became a mother in the thick of it.

Doing an about-face from medicine in my early college years and running off to make monsters in Pennsylvania, I have taken this background in anatomy and physiology and applied it to stories of terror as well as make-up career. It was during each self-discovery as an artist that I was more drawn towards writing and expressing. I have done spoken word on the street or at galleries. I have helped design entire theater productions. I have painted sets into the wee hours of the morning for the oldest theater company in Pittsburgh, PA.

Born in Brooklyn, NY to a single mother and a lot of latch-key time, I had spent a lot of time as a child and teenager writing and exploring to express my feelings and keep myself centered. I have found myself returning to it, as if I had to take the artist’s journey first. I had to experience all of the beautiful and moving creations in the world from all lenses in order to come back and write about them. I had to use the color around me to spark the imagination within me. And now, I write to you about my biggest inspiration, my daughter Scarlett. My tiny blonde advisor on the autism spectrum who pushes me every day to realize my dreams. Because one day she should know that she can too.

I live back at home in Brooklyn, NY, with the she-toddler, Scarlett, where I work on historical fiction, sci-fi short stories, and aspire to reach for a Master’s in Social Journalism.

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