Second Poetry Book and Holiday Update!

Here is another briefish update from the news desk of Alyssa Ruggiero, overachiever and overwhelmed planner who thinks she totally has everything under control but SURPRISE! SHE DOESN’T! (I have kept up blogging!)

I am making a final push back date for my second poetry book. Between the holidays taking over and starting a new job this weekend, I have no clue when I am going to get all the editing done. The material is written. The layout is in its refining stages. But I have no time to tediously edit. And trust me, I really wish I did. I will get this book out in 2017.


Eins: The second book, It Falls Together, which may not even remain the title because too much time has passed and it is beginning to bore me, WILL BE AVAILABLE by Christmas 2017.

Zwei: IN THE MEANTIME, please take a look and consider some awesomely dark, deeply romantic, and introspectively just-so poetry in my first ever self-published poetry book Fastening the Flesh: A Spiritual Autopsy which is available here on Lulu and here on Amazon. You can even gift it to a writer/poet friend or the goth, black sheep family member for Christmas.

Drei: Continue following me on social media (links to all on the side bar) and here on my blog for more musings on special needs parenting as well as individual work and self-healing.

Thank you all so much as always. Being that next week is Thanksgiving, I am giving myself the week off from blogging but will continue reaching out on Twitter, IG, and Facebook when I can. I hope to be back with something really special to write about and share with you all. Remain forever grateful for the love around you and the happiness you feel everyday.


Dramatic re-enactment of what I actually look like on Thanksgiving.


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