And We’re Off!!!!

There is a time of year where, if I am lucky, I will remember the very best moments only, and everything else is a giant red and green blur and then all of a sudden it is January 7th or 8th and my kid is ten inches taller and I am crying about her growing up too fast just in time for seasonal depression. Today. Today starts that time, my friends.

I think I have mentioned it before. Right on Halloween night, which is really like my New Year, I can tell there is something stirring underneath. Walking outside on the morning after Halloween always feels apocalyptic and strange, with the decor still on homes but the air empty. It is making space for the storm that is the holidays. It is a time for so much more gratitude and joy but also running around like crazy. In the last couple of years, we have added school, and this year is only going to be grander and more involved than last. Not to mention that the birthday is the week after Thanksgiving.

I will miss you all terribly the next few weeks during this, my Season of Running.

On a serious note though, I am really looking forward to this very season. This Holiday Extravaganza 2017. If Halloween season was any indication, even with the down moments, then this should be the first best Season of Running I have ever experienced.

And then I wonder aloud, “Why do I take this so seriously? Why is this always a big deal to you?” Because why shouldn’t it be?

When people are shooting and driving into other people 7 miles away from my house or there is a blanket of ignorant acceptance keeping the White House warm for Donald J. Trump whenever he decides to come home. When there is still, you know, slavery and you, in your apartment, in your life, in your situation, are currently powerless to stop it, what do you do but try to at least love your freaking neighbor during a designated amount of time at the very least.

SPEND the money that really isn’t that important to your emotional prosperity on the people you love. Tell your kid there is a Santa Claus because, god damn it, there is really a human like Donald J. Trump and we need to promote good and magic and love wherever the hell we can. I think it is extremely important to hold everyone close for a little while longer, like, say, three months worth of holidays, birthdays, and racking brains trying to find things that please your loved ones.

It is a fair trade-off, my family for my sanity. And it has only begun to truly shine as my family the last couple of years. And now I am confident that the running and turned out pockets are all going to be worth it. I think the final piece has made its way into the puzzle that was thirty years. SO off I go, into mother-daughter traditions and new loving experiences and two months of trying to do ONE thing and that is celebrate everyone around me.


Throwback. Like five years back. To shoe socks status.


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