The Final Re-launch


I don’t even know where to begin. My entire writing career that I have been building took a slight wrong turn into a tree (luckily it wasn’t speeding and can be saved).

I have published a video on my Facebook page outlining things. I am also actually reaching out on account of my limited online presence and how sick to my stomach it makes me. I would be out there and helping more people and being part of a collective voice in 2017 if I did a better job at marketing myself. The video is pinned to the top for everyone’s convenience. I apology in advance for the unrehearsed, crazy hair, crazy eyes performance I give but I need to jump back on this ASAP.

Highlights? Sure:

Blogs will be back to every Wednesday. We will be chronicling kindergarten as well as the navigation of Trump’s America as an ausome family. I will also be categorizing them and tagging them a little better.

Poetry book number one is still on sale HERE. Poetry book number two is in the works and is my next step for today (once I am done sufficiently beating myself bloody for this internet fiasco turned learning experience). Hoping to have it out into the world by Halloween, if not, before the holidays are in full swing (so you can stick both copies of my book into your emo, millennial cousin’s Christmas stocking, or you can buy it for yourself, Rhonda, and stop pretending that you don’t feel raw human feelings, you automaton).

NaNoWriMo is coming and I am finally *duh duh duh DUH* editing book one of my first trilogy so that I can begin sending out the manuscript. I have been waiting to type those words with full confidence since I finished writing the book in the spring of 2014. I will be dedicating the whole month, every single day of November, to finishing that book (will still be blogging of course).

So in summation, this is the year I make it. Somewhere. Somewhere beyond here. Even if it is five steps for now.

Thanks for listening, reading, and still being part of this with me. I will not disappoint.

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