Updates and Insights and Progress, Oh My.

I think I am going to start by acknowledging that I am just going to have times where I can’t write. I am going to forgive myself for them right now. What will matter is that I always find my way back here. To help me. To help any of you. That’s why I write.

That said, oh boy, what a way for one’s life to take off. Suddenly there was a preschool graduation close to a year since her diagnosis. And it was glorious, as was her awards ceremony. And even more amazing is that she just could not shut up about it. My child who could not speak will not shut up. I am in a state of joyous shock everyday. That’s probably why I find it hard to sit down at the computer.

In spring and summer 2017, Scarlett has adopted two new people into her heart, experienced her first start to summer vacation, and learned how to read. Her ability to communicate her feelings has finally opened wide the doors and windows I have been struggling with a majority of her life. We have reached a level of happiness and coexistence that is comfortable and I will fight hard to maintain. Things are not always perfect by any means, but I have begun to acknowledge that this is okay, it’s really what you do with a situation that gives it its power. And that has taken on new meaning in my personal life aside from Scarlett as well.

I am so zapped of power. I am finally learning how to recharge and hold on to that charge. I am a very different woman and a very different mother than the woman who started this blog journey three and a half years ago.

This was a simple update to let you know that I have made it to point B. There are 24 more letters in the alphabet and numbers times infinity. Come at me with all the points. We are ready.



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