On Raising Women

A poem. Because sometimes that is the best way to get it across. It isn’t much easier to raise a woman now. Progress in some areas, a lack of decency and sense in others. But if you are out there doing it, mom/mom-to-be, just be the best and most authentic you that you can be. She deserves to see every layer of you in order to really understand and appreciate her own emotions and strengths one day. She will not see herself as “the weaker sex” but as a human being. An equal to men; a just-as-confused, growing, loving, powerful human being.


“It’s a girl.”

With that my lungs wrinkled themselves up and I could not even gasp.

It will bleed out from un-capped markers and melted crayons on my dashboard.

It will be accompanied by frills and ribbons and princess crowns.

And the glitter, oh the glitter.

“It’s a girl,” they said.

My gut cringed and I tasted bile.

I asked myself how one raises a woman.

Not a girl, a woman with the perfect blend of decency and determination.

Instill the will to rock the boat to protect herself and her dignity.

Putting aside the periwinkle drapes and the navy crib sheets, I accepted the harsher path.

And it brought out in me the pinks of my cheeks as I became the woman I want to raise her to be.

unnamed (2)

(A sneak peek at the upcoming poetry book! Check out my first one here!)

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