I poured boiling water on my hand last week while I was making French press coffee.

My phone cracked into pieces and I watched the calls I had been waiting for flash across the shattered screen, unable to answer them.

I found out a childhood friend passed away before I was able to finish my morning coffee, today.

Even when life rights itself, we have to be prepared for a balance of good and bad, which I knew as I entered this new phase in my life.

There is, however, a temporary cure that people should invest their time into:



She thinks everything is hilarious. Makes you wish you were four.

If I hadn’t laughed as much as I have the last two years or so, I don’t think I would have made it this far in one sane piece. Autism. Heartbreak. My own indiscretions. And yes, death, but not at the expense of the person who has moved on. No, it is in honor of them that you laugh. You laugh another laugh for them. (I always said I never handle death like everyone else but I don’t think I am doing it wrong. In fact, there really isn’t any wrong way, right? Laughter is a way to exercise gratitude for still being here and having the air in your lungs to laugh. Also, to remember times when the person who has moved on has made you laugh. Really, they would prefer you laugh, to be honest.)

And when there is everyday crap like third-degree burns on my fingers and the phone disabled itself and I have to make twenty more phone calls than I needed to originally because I am worse than a toddler when handling a cell phone, I laugh.

When I didn’t want to go outside today, I did anyway and I got to laugh. When I got home, I sat at the table with my beloved and laughed into my plate of ravioli the entire time we ate. And way into the evening, into me sitting here writing this now, I laughed with him about everything.

Laughter is so important to surviving our time here. That goes for everyone, especially during these uncertain and often terrifying times. I am not saying you should not feel sad or hurt or angry or grief-stricken. I just think you should always remember that even the smallest laugh can help to get you through to the next day. It really is the best medicine and through my words, both written and spoken, I hope to give people the gift as others have done for me.

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