Self-Publishing Poetry, One Tear at a Time

17807592_10101232558315598_4537300547491669502_oI have successfully self-published my first poetry book called Fastening the Flesh: A Spiritual Autopsy. It details the most recent transitional years of my life in my own rhythm and verse, as my heart fell apart and was put back together, both by my own hand and the compassion of others. I plan on making this a series of medically themed, yet soulfully inclined poetry volumes so you should check out the first one!


Click HERE to order online! I also plan to keep copies on hand for those local in NYC, so shoot me an email at so I can put one aside for you. And keep following for information on upcoming projects and 17855478_10101233218607368_658986920162580323_obooks!

Description: A collection of poems that span the end of my marriage to inevitably finding my way back to love and peace with myself. We have spent time with one of the feelings I outline in here at one point in our lives. Enjoy this first collection of many to outline where I have been and where I am going. Hoping it inspires you, too.



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