We the People…

Welp. That escalated quickly. So quick, in fact, that I have been paralyzed from writing for you fine folks. So let’s get down to business.

This president and his administration are an abomination.

Okay that’s done.

Now on to my goal for this week’s blog revamp. And hopefully what helps to fuel me weekly going forward. I want to make it a point to you guys that we can NOT normalize this. At all. Period. We can not settle into this. We can not try to live with it. We can not stop marching or posting or calling. However we can make it clear that we are experiencing deep dissatisfaction and disgust with this regime, we need to do it.

We can go on vacation or on a first date. We can visit a national landmark or enjoy a slice of pizza but we can NOT forget about the evil emperor and his minions crawling all over the White House like a disease. The idea of “coke bugs” comes to mind. The crawling sensation one gets under their skin when they quit a hard drug. In this case, our drug of choice was Barack Obama. And my god, man, was it great. To feel the country move towards so much acceptance. To watch a president not once reduce himself to scandal. To feel for the first time like maybe things would be moving towards a better world for our children. He was one in a million.

And now we are back to the harsh realities of how racist, sexist, ablest, ageist, ignorant, and addicted this country really can be. And there is NO normalizing it allowed. We have to beat it instead. Find that peace within ourselves and fight justly everyday to make the world a better place. A place where it doesn’t take one in a million to 16178949_10101165563932878_2733300928887438229_otry to instill hope. A place where, instead, millions already have hope. Millions already know peace. As dark an analogy this may be, I implore that you look deeper. When one gets clean, they change the behaviors that kept them using to the best of their very ability. So, it stands to reason, this can still be changed.

And we the people… we need to believe we can. No figure heads, no corporations, no television personalities. We need to begin by lifting each other. Only then do we truly heal. #resist #theurgetonormalize


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