“What does it mean, Mommy?”

This week I have been a bit busy or tired or both. I was thinking of what I should touch upon today and came up with something simple but exciting: A few of the fun conversations I have had the pleasure of having with Scar since they have become a little more organic. She is still scripting and she still has her favorite phrases but she is trying to break out of her usual speech patterns to do more back and forth banter and it is glorious.

Also look around while you are here reading my posts! My dear friend, Liz, helped me out tremendously by spending some time sprucing up my blog’s appearance and j’adore! So appreciative of her talents! I have also gone over and rewrote a few things on other pages that lie herein. You guys, I appreciate all of you so much for following along with me and giving me a reason to keep this up each week. To the point that I needed a makeover! Oy! Onward and upwards. The journey just keeps getting brighter.


“What does it mean, mommy?”

“What does what mean?”

“What does it meeeeeeean?”

“You mean life?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“Then get in the shower now, let’s go.”

“But what does it meeeeeean?”



“Yes it is dinner time. What would you like, I was just looking-”

“Slice of pizza, mommy.”

*looking at the Chinese restaurant on Grubhub* “How about chicken nuggets? I haven’t had Chinese food-”

“Slice of pizza, mommy. Pizza.”

*slight look of disappointment* “Okay then.”

“Thanks mommy.” *licks my cheek*


“No, Scarlett, you have to get in the car. Now.”

“Why not?!”

“Because we have to go to Nana’s.”

“Why nooooot?!”

“Because mommy needs to do something important.”

“No important, why not?!”

“Because I need to save my health insurance! I need Nana’s scanner to do that!”

“NO HEALTH INSURANCE!” *dramatically drops to knees*


“Hey mommy, what are you doing over here?”

“Reading tarot cards.”

*whispers* “Caaaards.”

“Yes, cards.”

*quieter* “Caaaaaaaards.”


“My name is Scarlett, what is your name, mommy?”

“My name is Alyssa.”


“No, my actual name is Alyssa.”

“Miss Alyssa?”

“Yes, Scar, Miss Alyssa.”

“How are you today, Miss Alyssa?”


“Scarlett, come on, it is going to be a good time.”

“Nothing, mommy. NOTHING.”

*Melissa in the background* “You are raising a nihilist?”


This face? A nihilist? Never…



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