Scar is shining so brightly right now. She really is. We heard from the school last week about her being bumped up to a larger, higher-functioning class. She has progressed so much in a month that they have already started the paperwork. I am so grateful. And the call came in the midst of her big week, when she really showed me just how much progress she has made.

The school psychologist told me that whatever I am doing, keep it up.

So that is what I plan on doing. And I have had so much support doing it. Friends who invite her to dinner, people who treat her like the little queen of love that she is, treat her to a day at the zoo, allow her along on daily errands. She is constantly engaged in talk and play with so many souls and she, in turn, touches each and every one of them. I see it. I see the aura she produces. She is truly the divine. I was merely broken off of her star and sent as an instrument to be sure she puts all that love into the world. It is the best job I could have asked for.

It is amazing how much can change even in one month. Once I realized that I could truly release all that did not serve me and make room for what would truly make me happy, the pieces have started falling into place. Scarlett is the biggest part of that, because just as she was meant to affect the world in such a beautiful way, she was especially meant to affect me the same way. Scarlett makes me want to fight every single day from when I wake up to when I lay my head to sleep. And in fighting, I am learning how simple it is to draw in and create my own happiness as well as construct a palace in her heart so that she, too, could be happy.

She is the queen, I am merely her servant. But she treats me with the utmost love and devotion. And for that, I thank the Universe for giving me this job. The sun is coming up and it is the most glorious sun rise I have ever seen in my life. 14264084_10101047509365178_6751045034947056269_n


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