There is a point where it would seem, we all hit a psychological plateau. This is usually where some think they have reached their peak, when really they are not even close. This is where people forget that things can still get better. Growth is not stunted, merely halted so you can take a breath and see how far you have gotten. But it is only a breath!

My daughter is doing so well in school, but, as I wrote last week, we are teetering back and forth from progress to exhaustion and have balanced out for a time here. I am still feeling confident in her getting to the next level, however. I know there will be more progress. But, why is it hard for us to see that for ourselves? Why can’t we see the next hilly stretch of terrain, the next brain-bending, heart-wrenching obstacle course that reminds us why we are alive? We kick up dust and blind ourselves to it, thinking that where we are should be good enough or even *gasp* that we are not worth the climb.

You are not supposed to stop climbing and you are so totally worth it. You should always seek understanding. That adrenaline that comes from growth in life? That is your fountain of youth, your true lifeline. And you only achieve that by putting in the work.

There is a time that comes for all of us at one point or another where we are given the challenge and we have to rise to accept it or pretend it was just a daydream. Once you accept that challenge, it is extremely difficult to turn back because you wake up to so many possibilities. When you become stagnant, you still have a voice in the back of your head screaming at you because you actually DO know better. At this point, you are ignoring a truth in your heart and mind and it weighs on you. It is some toxic shit. It feels like you are trying to move in quicksand. Kicking your feet to get somewhere but stuck in static motion. But something this way comes. A rope is thrown in from that little voice. There is always a way out.

image1-1The dust is settling for me and I see my next wall to climb. I took a moment to look behind me and wow, what a distance. The kind of view you would snap a selfie with. Breathtaking. And I look up and see a mountain that stretches into the clouds and I am so grateful because, barring any of my own missteps along the way, I have so much time left to stay in the game. I have so much experience ahead of me and so many things I want to do with my life. There is so much more possible as you climb. So onward and upward in progress. This week I release myself from this plateau. You should all do the same. It is so liberating up here, and at the same time humbling. Because I know that I still have far to go and trials to face. But I have the freedom to decide how I will let them affect me.

I wish nothing but peace and happiness for you all this week.

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