New Vlog Series Has Begun!

We are playing the waiting game. Another three weeks or so to go. I start looking at schools next week, which is daunting considering we have not even gone to school yet. She is going to preschool, not university. But here I am, looking at all the schools, trying to find the right one. Or even any one that has a seat at this point since it is, you know, ALMOST AUGUST.

I am frustrated about this. It was a good day today but in all honesty, good days only serve to highlight what still needs to be done. And not in a negative way, just in a “get it DONE” way. Which is actually pretty awesome and serves me well. Keeping conscious always. Staying woke is key to a happy life.

Once I have the recommendations in hand I can really get to work finding a spot for her that will have everything she needs (at least almost everything). In the meantime, as I handle this whole song and dance, I decided that I would start a video blog, which for right now you can find on my I, Mother Facebook page. That is this link right here:

I have my first video pinned to the top. I am also fighting with my iPhone to let me load the video to my Youtube channel so in the meantime this is what I got (I even speak like it is on Youtube, since I didn’t think there would be any problems). I say that you can ask any questions on my email which is here:

I will be working on a second video this week. Since I post my blog in the middle of the week, I decided this would be a weekly task that I would finalize on Saturdays. So stay tuned and follow all of my things (you can find them to the right on this page). Once Youtube and I have reached some sort of truce, I will post that on here too. (UPDATE: WE HAVE SIGNED THE TREATY! GO HERE!

I apologize for not being my usual enlightening self this week. The heat in NYC plus the waiting plus being extremely busy has my brain all wonky. I have written little things here and there in the past week but those are either for me or are works in progress (which means you awesome people will always have more coming).

Thanks to my followers and friends and family for all of your support and, as usual, I will be back next week with more awesome stuff to say. For now, if you are or know any parent going through the beginning stages of diagnosis with their autistic children, share my stories, share my Facebook page. I hope to be of more and more help as we evolve with this process and I want parents to see that there is progress and there is happiness in autism, no matter how hard we struggle or how much we cry.

Mamasauras OUT!

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