Please Accept This Sonnet as a Prequel to a Post Tomorrow

I wrote y’all a sonnet. While drinking this. And listening to this.

I have been to the beach a lot so far this summer and I always remember having a big fear of going too far out into the ocean or being sucked under, more often as an adult than a child. I find myself being a little more trusting but still cautious that I don’t get sucked up in some current and end up somewhere on a beach in North Carolina (or maybe I do, a lot of people go there for luxurious vacations and I am usually over here like GIVE ME CARNY BEACH!).

Anyways, I have not gotten a lot of sleep. I plan on writing a proper post tomorrow. So in the meantime, please enjoy this little project I gave myself to write about the ocean, how terrifying and awesome it is, and use big and fancy words in a lost Renaissance poetic art form. Hashtag nerd. See you tomorrow, kids. This mamasauras’s eyes are burnin’.


The Force

You speak one language that only gods can pick apart.

Your dance has a fierceness beyond any words you could speak.

The fear has soaked itself inside my beating heart.

Standing on your edge, my knees are left rather weak.

With the taste of a fine pink wine you are no longer too cold,

and I am unable to see the overwhelming vastness of you.

You become so calm and inviting, and I become so bold

that I no longer stop myself from plunging through.

It is in your embrace that reality weighs on my chest.

Your feral nature needs no words and I begin clawing at the sand.

As you repeatedly fold me in, it is clear my choice was not best.

I grab at each wave, expecting each to be a hand.

How full of life but how alone you seem to be,

the mysterious and awe-inspiring force of the sea.



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