Blockage (Part Deux)

*Can I just point out that this time LAST year I was experiencing the same problem? AND blogged about it? This one is better though… that last one made it a lot more obvious that I had writer’s block…*

In times of turmoil, writer’s block stings my soul. However, it is a part of the whole process and should not be feared unless you don’t want to actively do something about it. In fact, step one, you should write about it (as seen right here). It makes it easier to work out why exactly there is a giant block on your creative ability to essentially hold a wild imagination and put it to paper.

It is almost as if as children, writers do not grow out of playing pretend, as with any art. When we become blocked, it is as if that part of ourselves is simply reminding us that we are, in fact, adults with real problems. And I have discovered in the past few weeks I have a lot of them (though I am slowly picking up all the pieces). Consistently reminding yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel is not bullshit either. You have to know you are going to pull yourself out of everything if you are going to pull yourself out of a block. And you will! That’s the magical part. You always do. The only way you won’t is if you allow yourself not to.

Every time you sit there and tell yourself you are failing, you are inching further and further from the page. And that could probably be the worst thing you could do for yourself if you feel like you are sucking at life. Also remembering that your art is so intrinsically linked to your soul and your emotional pressure points is an important part of overcoming that blockage. You function as an artist/writer because it makes you feel good. It makes you who you are. So it stands to reason that the act of writing is actually good for your life’s problems and all the adulting that comes with it.

Overall, that is the most important part: remembering WHY you are writer. In two blog posts, I have managed to feel some of the weight on my chest slowly lift off and float away into nothing. And tonight I finally tackle catching up on my creative writing class and take the time to piece together a story I have been trying to write for a month. And I will do it. Because see above. It will suddenly be that simple.


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