The Next Step

I have gotten back in to my tarot readings as of late. I think I had some serious internal kinks to work out of my emotional system before I could start doing my own readings again. Taking a break is the only way that any of the readings would make sense. Since I have started again, they have. Oh, indeed they have.

I have spoken on here before about what tarot means to me. It isn’t supernatural or magical. It is introspective on a “getting to know me” level and it saves me a trip to a therapist. Lately, my more up-to-date readings have left me feeling extremely hopeful, as long as I heed their advice. Especially the one I did today. It was a simple one, too. A follow-up to a previous reading in which I explored the very human question: Is it all going to be okay? And it is, as long as I keep myself focused and keep my head above water. I am not the best swimmer but in life, no one is perfect so a doggie-paddle will do. The simple reading I did today asked yet another very human question: What is the next step? I stumbled upon a four-card spread that aims to spell it out for you (if you are receptive to the meaning and the advice of course). 

The first card told the reader of their present feelings in their situation.

The second card told of something that was to be put out of your mind. A cosmic raincheck on a worry or issue. 

The third card was deemed the most important, as it pointed out something that you may be missing as you move towards your next step.

And the fourth card is the end result, what will happen if you recognize and grasp the first three. 

So my reading is as follows, without getting too technical on card names and symbols:

I long for and desire happiness in the form of no deliquent bills, no fear that rent is going to go up and I am not prepared, no thoughts of not making it to where I want to be in my career. I am currently very happy with my family life (my husband, my daughter) but I am sick of stress. And I not only focus on that as my present feeling but I also focus too heavily on the end result, which was my second card. I want success, comfort, a house, an established career. Strength in business and at home. But I need to put the end result out of my head in order to get to it, if that makes any sense. It makes sense to me. 

The third card was the Queen of Swords. The strongest and most intelligent lady in the deck. The Queen of Swords isn’t sprawled out on the couch crying because of things beyond her control. She takes control. And that is who I have always been and that is who I really need to be in order to move forward. 

My final card was the Death card. In this case, symbolizing new beginnings. That career thing I am always worried about? Yeah, I need to throw my crown back on and pull myself together and make that new beginning. The money I am always saying I don’t have? I need to grab my orb and septor and saunter the fuck out into the world and take it (obviously not steal it, but I would hope you knew that). I have to take control of my and my family’s comfort and take control of my career and take control of the choices that we make for our lives and keep moving towards that end result without constantly envisioning it. Because it isn’t here yet. What is here is now. And now is the time to begin building my way to the next step. 


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