Enough is Enough

Cowards. Senseless, misinformed cowards. 

“I will keep my guns.”

I have cried with Richard Martinez for the past twenty minutes as I go through all of his television appearances. I have skimmed through photos of the children whose lives were cut short at Sandy Hook. I paused as I came across a photo of the six-year-old girl who died in the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting. When a child dies because of gun violence, it is all of our children. It is a bullet yet to be fired on our kindergartners, our college students, our hearts. 

Any one of them can be the next target, casualty, bystander. 

Christopher Martinez was buying food. Vanessa Moser-Sullivan wanted to see Batman. Catherine V. Hubbard was learning about addition and subtraction. I don’t understand how people can look at this and think about themselves. Especially people with children of their own. Your unwillingness to stand up for safer gun practices is, dare I say, bordering on abuse? Are the thought of tiny body bags, little white coffins, and empty childhood bedrooms stripped of all their imagination and wonder really something you enjoy? I would think so, and so would anyone looking at you. You are ignorant of suffering, yet you cling to gods that tell you to love. You refuse to accept that we live in a different world than our forefathers. That there are other countries in the world who are much safer because of these laws. And those countries are looking at us like we are masochists.

I have to say, I actually am not against people’s rights to a gun. I am against the Pez-dispenser industry of guns, popping them out left and right to sick or criminal individuals. I am against a code of ethics that disregards human suffering in the form of mental illness. I am against the idea that people can honestly say that their right to a gun is more important than dead children. Is it not common sense? What is there to be afraid of? A background check? You get a background check when you apply for an apartment. Your credit card companies probably know more about you than you do. And you are worried why? That you will be placed on a registry which currently isn’t federally possible? And if it was possible, I still don’t see the problem. If you are a law-abiding citizen, what is the big deal? It could mean your own child’s life, but you would rather turn a blind eye so that you can feel accomplished in your own selfish pride. Your manhood is on the line, gentleman! Your shitty rhinestone-encrusted pistols may be taken from you, ladies (and I am sure you had an outfit to match, what a waste)!

The politicians in your corner are no better. They rack up the bucks, and hunt moose with Ms. Palin, but at the end of the day they are flanked by security personnel. Will my child have an entourage of security on her first day of school? And that isn’t saying they don’t deserve one. I am not going near that. What I am saying is their right to protect themselves is a bit diluted when they have men willing to jump in front of them and end their own lives to protect them. Their perspective is a bit skewed.

Many of them are also rallying behind this issue like it is an Obama issue. It is so sad when the people running this country are engaged in a highschool-esque “I don’t like this guy so I am going to disagree with everything he says” feud, with the lives of children, veterans, active soldiers, civilians in fracking/oil spill states on the line. The call for gun control has been active since long before Obama took office and will continue to stay active unless something is done about it. It is petty that a 101 course in human nature is being played out in front of our eyes on the largest scale. This is shit that we watch reality shows for. It is not suppose to take place amongst the people who swear to take care of this country.

And I love my country. I love my freedom to come on here and say what I need to say, whether it is met with good or bad responses. Other countries don’t have that privilege. But I am using that freedom, that voice, to stand with Richard Martinez and all the families affected by mass shootings and say “Enough is enough!” We need something in place, someway of tracking the bad guys and the bad guns. They need to get off of the black market and onto the public stage. I have a lot of friends who are for their right to own a gun, and I agree with that right. But there has to be some trade off. Because the only thing that families are trading right now so that you can keep your precious guns are their hearts.


One thought on “Enough is Enough

  1. I really like this post. You make some amazing points, many of them very common sense and not at all outlandish. In a civilized world there is absolutely no need to walk into a restaurant with an assault rifle, a banana mag fully loaded, and a semi-automatic sidearm simply “because you can” or “because the second amendment says I can” or even “in case something happens”…. what in the hell do you people expect to happen?!? You’re ordering fajitas at a Chili’s in Nebraska, not trying to cover a medevac exfill in a combat zone. Now, simply for clarification, I will say this: I do own guns. However, they are stored in a locked gun vault AND triggerlocked INSIDE that safe, because I personally know from experience what kind of damage those weapons are capable of.

    When I say I know, it’s not because I have fired them at targets, taken my weapons apart to properly clean them or performed preventative maintenance on the firearms themselves, it’s because I am a combat veteran Marine, and the first thing and bottom line around ANY kind of firearm is that, even with a triggerlocked, unloaded weapon, you respect the potential life threatening power of that weapon and treat it accordingly. I’m as liberal as they come (not something many people expect with a USMC vet) a political designation I am proud to have defended when I was in uniform, but more than that I am just as willing to say that, even though I own guns, I not only understand, but I support responsible gun control. Why? Because you only need to see what one steel jacketed round does to a human body before you (in my opinion) will understand that regulation and responsible ownership isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity.

    Nobody is advocating completely abolishing the second amendment, but there is a line that must be drawn somewhere, and civilians owning weapons of war is a damn good place to start saying “Enough!”. A Mosin-Nagant rifle and the 7.62x54R rounds that it uses were NOT designed for ‘sportsmen and hunters’. They were designed and manufactured to do one thing, and that’s to take head off of an enemy combatant in a war zone. Until deer evolve to the point where they are naturally wearing flak jackets and kevlar helmets, there is absolutely no need for civilians to want or be able to acquire this kind of firepower. It’s insane, it’s gone to insane lengths, and like you, I agree, enough is enough.

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