Words Drive Me

This past weekend I had a very eye-opening and creative-conscious weekend at the inaugural Fringe Festival here in Pittsburgh. Not only was I able to be a part of the festivities, but I also had some really great personal growth experiences. If my confidence was not already inflated before, it has certainly reached its next rung on the ladder to my writing career. I wrote some poetry this weekend that I would like to share with the world. Words that drive me. Some of the works I wrote this weekend provide the foundation for why I chase my dreams in the first place. Please, enjoy! 



Your laughter pierces the darkness.

Your smile draws the curtains.

Your eyes bring in the sun.

In your mind, there is no hatred,

no apprehension. 

There is only today.

No black, no white, no shades of grey.

Only green and blue crayons, 

pink and yellow blocks,

orange chalk that you drag across the dog’s back

as if to say “Outside, please!”

Creative and uninhibited.

There is beauty in your attentiveness.

Lines of color across the ground,

the rainbow of reasons what I remain on my game.

My brushes and pens,

my paint and paper; 

I have dreams to chase 

and you have only fanned the fire.

“Scarlett” is my word for inspire. 


Rules of the Road

Traffic on the highway.

Tractor trailers.

Impatient travelers who 

insist you play by their rules.

Such fears and anxiety

led me down the back roads.

To be familiar, to be safe,

to play by someone else’s rules.

Those were the only rules I knew. 

Stepping out of my castle of cards,

I breathed a sigh and dreamed a dream, 

and the castle folded at my feet.

Where does one go from here 

to survive on those dreams?

Onto the ramp,

merging into the right lane.

Eerily comfortable,

overly confident,

I began to play by my own rules. 

I paved the asphalt in front of me with 




Making my way to an exit,

my success, my happiness,

at my own pace.

With dreams realized and a life fulfilled,

I will one day navigate the stars.

Those I met on the highway will say,

“She was most happy.”



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