Who Are “They”?

Who are “they”? What is this “they” you speak of? Someone. Anyone. Oh yeah, you are talking about the single mother with the three children who lost everything? Or the man who injured himself working and can’t provide for his family? Or the one woman in a loving relationship who is surprised by the birth of a child and needs some assistance getting on her feet, which she is (you know, the child that you so desperately want to see born, but then categorize him or her like a leper when words like “medical assistance” and “food stamps” come up)? “They” really sound like a hard-up bunch, all out to get your money. 

I will even play devil’s advocate and say that “they” may also comprise of people who are lazy or selfish. People who refuse help when it would make a world of difference for their future. People who abuse and laugh at the systems that were put in place to assist. I kind of get what you are seeing. I have experienced it play out in front of me. No, it isn’t cool. 

It angers me to see that people are quick to talk amongst one another, from their pedestals of course, about how “they” get excited about having a little money in their pocket at tax season. How “they” just had children to take your money. How “they” don’t need certain healthcare or wages because they worked so that you could collect all that money. Commenting on how “they” are all ignorant about how much you have done for them and how it is unfair that you have to pay taxes, but a mother can now afford a new crib, new clothes, rent. It must be rough, you know, having all that to deal with from your five bedroom Tudor or your Lexus. 

What is the saying? Ah yes… pick on someone your own size.

Here’s the deal, there is not a collective “they”. There are all different people with all different problems and you have no idea what those problems are. You generalize because you are ignorant to the fact that the people who actually need the help are benefitting and coming off of it. And the people that are milking it? Well, maybe if you weren’t berating and generalizing them, you, with the money, the status, the rank, the corporation, wouldn’t look like a big joke.

Seriously, watching people like you on television or reading about them in the paper makes me laugh for the sheer fact that I can’t fathom any human being actually acting or behaving or believing the way that you do.

That isn’t to say that people are not horrible. People will continue to be horrible. But your stupidity and hatred are equally as horrid, as well as your quick ability to not only belittle, but also pass judgement on people’s circumstances. 

This is not a “call to arms” protesting in favor of Welfare, women’s rights, employee healthcare, whatever the hot button issue is. Because it really doesn’t matter what it is. Your stark rudeness when addressing other individuals with lives, families, souls, heartbreaks, triumphs, tribulations… that is what angered me the most. 

As for those of you, you know, the ones dangling off the back of the pedestal with tea bags hanging from your hard hats and Sarah Palin tattooed to your ass. Wake up. THEY don’t care about you either.


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