Working Through My Writing Block (so you don’t have to…)

I have spent the better part of the past two weeks yelling at myself to get to writing. I do not know how the hell it happened, but I hit a block. Both in my book and on my blog. The saddest part is that I had felt like I hit a high point with both, weaving together stories and chapters with such ease. I got a little busy and tried to manage but somewhere I lost control of all the ideas that I had. And I would really like to find them again.

I guess the thing I have to hold onto, first and foremost, is that it is not permanent. I am not bound for eternity without creativity. That isn’t possible.

Secondly, my schedule has been very different and is now settling back into what it was before. Yeah, with the weather being nicer I will be out and about more with the baby and going to see friends, visiting the city. But overall, my routines will go back to what they were before the block hit. And that could make a huge difference in my writing (hell, I am writing right now). 

Lastly, my ‘stress-o-meter’ has been a little more through the roof. The thing is, with my hefty schedule, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and work through any of it. Schoolwork has been particularly draining, as I delve into higher level classes all about writing. My concentration has been there and not on my extracurricular expression. I have to reaffirm that things are going to be okay, and the only way that seems to work for me is if I have a simple moment to sit back, look at the stressor and say “Really? This is what is bothering me?”

Now that I have identified all that, I already feel like a weight is lifted (it also helps to hold myself accountable by publicly stating that I will fix the problem). All I have to do is, well, do it. Just like I did this blog. All the basic excuses I could think of are accounted for. I just have to take the initiative and write. And if I draw a blank again, the only answer is trucking through. Even if it isn’t my best work. That is what revisions are for. 



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