Would You Be My Valentine?

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The day when every angry and single person takes to social media and berates the holiday with words like “stupid” and “dumb”. Or call out the corporate driven market of heart-shaped chocolates and greeting cards. Is Valentine’s Day a greeting card holiday? Absolutely. Does anyone really care about the history or the message of it? Absolutely not. If you don’t get flowers, your boyfriend is an idiot. If you don’t have a Valentine for the dance, you will be made fun of for eternity (note: high school certainly feels like eternity). What does any of these follies have to do with loving one another, regardless of the type of relationship? Why can’t all the disgruntled people in the world on February 14 keep in mind the people who do love them?

I know this is coming from someone who is happily married but I value my husband as more than a bouquet, a box of chocolates, and a card on Valentine’s Day. He is my best friend in the whole world. Everyone should have a Wes in their lives. Someone who doesn’t run out and buy a dozen roses for me but instead centers on what I like: a Loki tee-shirt, a WWE Dean Ambrose action figure, World of Warcraft Mega Blocks set. Someone who simply wants everyone to be happy and get along. Someone who strives for more no matter what life throws at him. Someone who gives me a Valentine’s Day twerk in order to coax me into shaving his head in my nice clothes while I am attempting to write a blog. That is what I value today. And everyday. And that reminds me, I have a lot of people that I value.

Everyone should have someone who keeps you on your toes, thinking creatively, and thinking of interesting ways to celebrate holidays, birthdays and milestones. I value the time I share taking on the world with these friends, as they push me to do my best and be strong in everything I conquer (especially now that I have embarked on this writing journey).

Everyone should have someone who can relate on so many levels in all aspects of life. Someone who complements them, in my case the quiet and reserved to my, well, me. I value that I have obtained a friendship like that after so many years.

Everyone should have someone who brings a calm insanity to their life. Sharing puns and story ideas, representing that part of you that can still go out and have a good time. I value that I can turn a simple walk through the city with a friend into a three ring circus of ideas and jokes. 

Everyone should have people you can discuss anything with on an intelligent level while watching grown men in spandex pretend to beat each other up for money.

People who text you to ask you if you need anything or get up in the morning to drive your crippled ass to a doctor’s appointment.

People who go for walks in the fancy mall where Juicy Couture hides the stuff you like to look at because you ran in and touched it once (and they know you can’t afford it). I value the talks, the kindness, the sweaty men, the yummy food, and the exercise. 

People I create with, people I can lean on, people whose opinions are very important to me.

Everyone needs to understand that there is far more to what I have mentioned above when it comes to the beautiful people in my life. So many people who love me and who I love to see, work with, brave the storm with, dance in the rain with. After years of being angry, just like the cranky social media, I have decided that this holiday can simply be about those you value above anyone and everyone. So quit your bitching, and if you don’t have friends that exhibit the above traits, go find some. And if you do, go give them a hug. Remember, the box of chocolate doesn’t last, but neither does this life. So appreciate the people not the calories. You don’t need them anyway…


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